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Our Equipment

We are happy to be able to welcome you to our brand new wellness center in the heart of Champagne. The center is made up of 2 massage rooms, 1 swimming pool heated to 29°, a Jacuzzi heated to 37°, a Sauna, a Hammam and a Salt Cave (the only one in the region).

The center is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Image de Jennifer Chen

The Aqua Wellness is a multi-sensory space tempered at 27°. Let yourself be guided according to your desires.

The Sauna, with its dry heat at 85°, will allow you to enjoy muscle relaxation and the elimination of your toxins, promoting sleep and relaxation. (15min session recommended)

The Hammam, with its hot and humid steam at 40°, will allow you to enjoy muscle relaxation and help eliminate toxins from your body, thus promoting blood circulation. (15min session recommended)

The Salt Cave with its walls covered with Himalayan salt tempered at 37° will make you enjoy intense relaxation, reduction of stress and fatigue, reduction of respiratory disorders and sleep disorders. A session of 30 to 45min is equivalent to 3 days by the sea.

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